8:30-9 am
Breakfast, Opening, Mingling
9-9:50 am
Shay Howe
Quality Development with HTML5 and CSS3
Clark Sell
10-10:50 am
David Demaree
Real Typography for the Web
JC Grubbs / Ryan Briones
Building Rich Apps with Backbone
11-11:50 am
Mark Meeker
Web Accessibility
Ben Rady
JavaScript Testing wtih Jasmine
12 pm Lunch
1-1:50 pm
Russ Unger
The Right Way to Wireframe
Jacob Gable
Mobile Web Dev with jQuery Mobile
2-2:50 pm
Sam Tesla
The Visualization Renaissance
Jon Pliske
Introduction to Coffeescript
3-3:50 pm
Ryan Singer
User Experience Thought Process
4-4:50 pm
Lightning Talks and Raffle

Ryan Singer

Topic: User Experience Thought Process

Ryan Singer designs user interfaces, writes code and manages teams at 37signals. @rjs

Shay Howe

Topic: HTML5 and CSS3

Shay Howe is a web and user interface designer from Chicago. He specializes in UX/UI design and front-end development, making specific use of HTML5 and CSS3. @letscounthedays

Jon Pliske

Topic: Coffeescript

Jon is the development lead on the Performance Engineering team at Groupon. He spends his hours optimizing a high-traffic Rails application, cultivating a culture of performance across a large development team, and singing karaoke at dive bars.


JC Grubbs

Topic: Building Rich Apps with Backbone

JC is a co-founder at DevMynd and a consultant for Obtiva specializing in web front end technologies and architecture as well as design and UX. @thegrubbsian

Clark Sell

Topic: JavaScript.Next

Clark has played a few roles over the years but his true passion has always been in web development. Clark currently works as a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft specializing in everything web related. @csell5

Russ Unger

Topic: The Right Way to Wireframe

Russ Unger is a User Experience Director for Happy Cog, a web design firm. He is co-author of the book “A Project Guide to UX Design” for Peachpit Press (Voices That Matter) and is co-authoring a book on guerilla research methods with Todd Zaki Warfel due out in 2011. @russu

Jacob Gable

Topic: Building Sites With jQuery Mobile

Jacob Gable is a developer at Clarity Consulting where he spends most of his time working with Javascript and C# trying to bring the .Net world kicking and screaming into HTML5 and standards based web development. He is creator of the "MotherEffin HTML5 Site" template, an HTML5 Boilerplate site template available through the Visual Studio Extension gallery. @jacob4u2

Sam Tesla

Topic: Data Visualizations with Vector Graphics

Samuel has spent the last several years building cloud infrastructure, and now finds himself writing data visualization tools. In his free-time he enjoys knitting, playing guitar, and spending time with his family. @stesla

David Demaree

Topic: Real Typography for the Web

David Demaree is a developer and UI designer at Typekit (; he speaks fluent Ruby and JavaScript, knows his way around a baseline grid, and can usually tell the difference between Archer and Neutraface Slab. @ddemaree

Mark Meeker

Topic: Web Accessibility

Mark is a Principal UI Engineer for Orbitz Worldwide where he leads the development of the front end architecture for their family of travel websites around the globe.


Ben Rady

Topic: JavaScript Likes to Be Tested

Ben Rady has helped both large and small organizations adopt more effective technical practices and deliver better software. Currently a senior software engineer at DRW Trading in Chicago, he is a frequent speaker at conferences around the U.S. @benrady